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Poles Apart by Vaughan de la Harpe & Sean Disney

The Rollicking Adventures of Vaughan de la Harpe & Sean Disney

 Poles Apart - The Rollicking Adventures of Vaughan de la Harpe & Sean Disney as Told by David BristowHelen Keller observed that “Life is either an adventure or nothing”. Of course, the concept of adventure is in itself subjective, presenting as different things to different people. However, in whatever form, the good news is that it exists as an ember in the eye of all beholders and the ability, indeed the responsibility, to fan the flames lies within our grasp. It’s all about choice really. So simple and yet so far reaching. Taking charge, seizing life by the scruff of the neck or just observing from the side lines as it flashes by.

An adventure or nothing…

Poles Apart is about making that choice. To see what lies around the next bend, to actively seek out the unknown, to satisfy curiosity, to push the envelope. To discover what life is capable of offering to those who make the conscious decision to enquire of it and respond accordingly.

Share Sean Disney and Vaughan de la Harpe’s experiences in their travels around the globe to become the first South Africans to achieve the Explorers Grand Slam – the successful summit of the highest mountain on each of the seven continents as well as ski hauls to both the North and South Poles – a prestigious club that presently counts 35 people in the world as its members.

Entertainingly written by David Bristow in a novel, interview style this book breaks the mould of conventional offerings on the subject. It comprises an eminently readable combination of irreverence, humour, drama and fact. A worthwhile and noble contribution to the genre.